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Property Tax Payment Information

Tax Notices

Property tax notices are required to be mailed by the 10th of October. The bill shows the amount due, when the tax is due and payable and how your tax dollar will be distributed to the taxing entities. Wyoming Statute 39-13-103 (b)(i)(A) provides "All taxable property shall be annually listed, valued and assessed for taxation in the county in which located and in the name of the owner of the property on January 1." If you purchased the property or recorded the deed after January 1, you will not receive the tax notice in your name.

Tip: If you do not receive your tax bill by the second week of October, contact the treasurer’s office to request a copy.

Payment Dates

  • Fifty percent of the tax is due and payable on or before November 10 of the current year.
  • The remaining 50 percent is due and payable on or before May 10 of the following year.
  • Any taxes not paid on the payable date are delinquent the day after that date and are subject to interest at 18% per annum. 
  • No interest will be charged on the first half tax if the taxpayer elects to pay the entire tax by December 31.


In order to ensure correct application of payment on property taxes, we ask that you please provide ALL parcels numbers you wish to make payment on when mailing in a check, calling for a payoff, or stopping by our office. Looking up parcels by property address or ownership is not ideal and if looked up in this manner, can lead to missed parcels.

Escrow Payments

Many taxpayers have an escrow account from which their taxes are paid. Even if a property has taxes paid through escrow, a bill will still be mailed to the assessed owner.

In the event a mortgage company and a taxpayer both remit payment for taxes for the same parcel, the Treasurer will apply the first payment received and return the duplicate payment to the remitter.  Excess payment of property tax cannot be applied or held and will be returned. 

Delinquent Notices

All real property taxes due represent a lien against the taxpayer. The county holds the lien. When taxes remain unpaid on May 11, the treasurer must certify a list of delinquent taxes and taxpayers, followed by a demand for payment of these taxes plus interest of 18% per annum. The delinquent notice (demand for payment) is mailed from this office. The delinquent notice is sent to the same property owner as reflected on the original tax notice. In the event property tax goes unpaid on real property, the taxes due will be sold in the form of a lien at an annual tax sale.