Inmate Information

Transfer Money to an Inmate

Family and friends of inmates incarcerated at the Carbon Jail may transfer money to an inmate's account in person or online.

To Deposit Money in Person

To deposit money in person please come to the front lobby at:
Carbon County Jail and Communications Center
1302 East Daley Street
Rawlins, WY 82301

A kiosk (similar to an ATM machine) is available 24 hours a day in the front lobby. The kiosk accepts credit cards and cash only.

To Transfer Money Online

The Carbon County Sheriff Department uses Smart Deposit to accept online money transfers.


Please have the following information available before going online:

  • 4-digit Pay Location Code (PLC): 5500
  • Inmates First and Last Name (middle name not required but recommended)
  • Facility Code: Facility State: Wyoming Facility: RWL - Carbon County Sheriff's Office
  • Resident Booking Number: (This is the inmate's 5 digit JRN number assigned by the Jail) Please call 307-324-2776 if you need the inmate's JRN number.

Access Smart Deposit.

Inmate Commissary Program

The Carbon County Sheriff Department has a commissary program available for inmates. This program allows inmates to purchase food stuffs and personal items beyond what is provided for by the department. Money that the inmate had with them when they were brought into the jail is put into an account that the inmate can draw on. In addition family and friends can put money into the inmates account by following the instructions under "Transfer Money to an Inmate."