Additional Benefits

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Dependent Care - For dependent child care costs
  • Medical - For deductibles, co-pays, etc... Use for anything medical, dental or vision that insurance does not cover.


View the Blue Cross Blue Shield FlexShare Benefits reimbursement form (PDF). You can also opt to have claims automatically processed and taken from your FSA. Turn in the Auto Pay Authorization (PDF) form to Human Resources. Use the Direct Deposit form to have claims automatically deposited into your checking account.

For more information on what is eligible, please view the FSA Fact Sheet or visit Blue Cross Blue Shield Website.

Rawlins Family Recreation Center Discount

Receive a 25% discount simply for being a county employee. Take your paystub to the center when enrolling for membership.

Supplemental Insurance

The county currently offers supplemental products with a payroll deduction for Colonial and Aflac products. These are 100% employee paid and the employer does not contribute towards these policies. These include but aren't limited to accident, hospital, cancer, disability and various life insurances. Contact Dean Sailor with Colonial at 303-280-3994, ext. 14.


Contact Valorie Smith with Aflac at 307-389-0174 to signup or make a claim.