Victim/Witness Program

Loretta Hansen is the Vicitm/Witness Coordinator for the Carbon County Victim/Witness Program.

Wyoming SAVIN/VINE System

The WYOMING SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification)/VINE System is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding their offender’s custody status and register to receive telephone and email notification when their offender’s custody status changes. You may also reach this service by calling 866-994-8463 to register by phone.


The mission of the Carbon County Victim/Witness Program is to:

Enhance the treatment of victims, witnesses and survivors of criminal and non-criminal crisis situations by

Providing assistance and services necessary to speed their physical, emotional and financial recovery;

To ensure that victims of all crimes are treated with

Compassion, respect and sensitivity within the criminal justice system and

To honor their statutory rights as provided by the Wyoming Victim and Witness Bill of Rights.

Victim and Witness Bill of Rights (Wyoming Statute 1-40-201 through 1-40-210)

  •  As a victim of crime in Wyoming, you have the following statutory rights:
  •  To be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity within the criminal justice system;
  • To know the whereabouts of the defendant and to be informed about the details and progress of your case;
  • To receive restitution from offenders;
  • To be informed about Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation;
  • To employ an attorney and proceed with civil action
  • To reasonable protection and safety and to know of legal recourse if threatened;
  • To preservation of employment while participating in the criminal justice process;
  • To be informed about the opportunity to make a victim impact statement at sentencing and parole hearings;
  • To be provided with the names and official phone numbers and addresses of the primary individuals working on your case;
  • To be present at trial.


  • The Carbon County Sheriff’s Victim/Witness Program was established to provide a wide-range of services to victims of all crimes;

  • The services provide victims with:
  1. Immediate emotional support
  2. Emergency financial assistance
  3. Consistent information about the status of their criminal case
  4. Notification of court dates
  5. Information about how they can participate in the criminal justice process
  6. Restitution and financial recovery assistance
  • Crime victimization has a tremendous impact on individual citizens and our communities;
  • Victim services are provided in a manner that enhances the treatment of victims, witnesses and survivors to help speed their physical, emotional and financial recovery following their crime victimization.
  • Program staff and volunteers receive comprehensive and specialized training in order to serve victims of all crimes.


  • The Carbon County Victim/Witness Program representatives engage in promoting coordinated efforts to help victims of all crimes by sharing information and resources with community groups/members:
    1. Community Resource Center (CRC), 
    2. school districts, 
    3. community mental health, 
    4. Wyoming State Penitentiary, 
    5. preschools, 
    6. Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, 
    7. Department of Workforce Services, 
    8. Public Health, 
    9. Sinclair Oil Corporation, 
    10. Department of Family Services and Carbon County COVE (Citizens Organized to See Violence Ended). 
  • The Carbon County Victim/Witness Program representatives participate in the community awareness campaigns and events throughout the year:
    1.  Carbon County Fair and Rodeo, 
    2. Stalking Awareness Month,
    3. Human Trafficking Awareness Month,
    4. Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week
    5. Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
    6. National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, 
    7. Volunteer Appreciation Week,
    8. Sexual Assault Awareness Month,
    9. Child Abuse Awareness Month, 
    10. Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
    11. Silent Witness Initiative
    12. Bullying Prevention Month
    13. Identity Theft and Protection Month
  •  The Carbon County Sheriff’s Victim/Witness Program is seeking program volunteers to help SEEK Justice, ENSURE Victims’ Rights and INSPIRE Hope.

For more information about the program and how you can help contact:

Loretta J Hansen, MSW, LCSW

 Dawnette L Spaulding