Land Records

Land Records

We are typically up to date but online records are typically available approximately 2 days after recording.  This allows us a day to record, a day to verify information and the documents are then uploaded the following day.

Records are currently available in the office at:

Carbon County Courthouse
215 West Buffalo Street, Suite 217
Rawlins, WY 82301
Phone: 307-328-2677

Records are also available online dating back to the 1800's:  

Digital images of all recordings can be found at with a subscription.  As of September 2022 images for records dating back to the 1800's are available.  Older records have a document type of "converted", a uniform date and are searchable only by book and page. 

Grantor/Grantee & Tract Indexes

Grantor and grantee indexes along with tract indexes are available on both Arcasearch and iDoc Market.

 For indexes or scanned records on iDoc Market use this link. A subscription is required. The link for digital archives is available on the top right of the search screen. 

For indexes on Arcasearch use this link.    To access the site's information please use Microsoft Edge with these instructions.  Searching on Arcasearch is free however to electronically view documents you still need a subscription to iDocMarket or you would have to view them in the County Clerk's Office.


Per State Statute, the County Clerk must charge fees for copies. View the following list of fees and a full list of fees effective July 1, 2013 (PDF):

  • Additional Recording Fee For More Than Five Grantor/Grantee Names (Per Name): $1
  • Additional Recording Fee For Each Section, Quarter, Quarter-Quarter, Block, Lot, or Tract in Excess of Ten: $1
  • Any Instrument First Page: $12
  • Certification: $5
  • Copy of Public Record: $0.25 per page
  • Each Additional Page: $3


As of July 19, 2017 Carbon County is now accepting recordings submitted electronically through a certified, contracted vendor. If you are interested in submitting e-recordings please contact any of the following approved vendors. These are listed alphabetically and the county has no preference on which vendor you choose to use.