Newborn Intensive Care Program

Newborn Intensive Care Program

The Newborn Intensive Care program provides for transport and Level 111 Nursery care of infants in significant illness. All Newborn infants are referred to Equality Care or SSI if eligible. For those newborns who are not eligible and are financially and medically eligible, the Newborn Intensive Care Program provides transport to and or care at hospitals that provide Level 111 care under the direction of a neonatologist.

Program Summary

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  • Level 111 care is not covered.
  • This program is only infants who are ventilated and/or have congenital anomalies.
  • The program payment cap for care is $10,000 per case.
  • Transportation can help be covered with a payment cap of $2,000.

Children's Special Health Program

The Children's Special Health program must be notified within five working days from the onset of the problem.